Advocacy Updates and Action Items (12/23/14)

DNR Trail Advisory Board Openings, City of Indianapolis 2015 Reconnecting to Our Waterways initiatives, Upcoming Cultural Trails/Pacers Bikeshare Photo Shoot opportunity, and National Advocacy news in our latest Advocacy Updates. DNR Trails ...


Cleated Bicycle Shoes, Their Proper Use – Key to Better Climbing

On level ground, your bicycle is propelled forward only when your pedals are moved by your feet.  That means, with regard to cycling, where your feet touch the pedals are your most important bicycle contact points.  Sounds sort of ...


Inspire a 2015 Resolution with Your Bicycle Story

Below are three Your Bicycle stories from new and novice riders who looked to bicycling as a new challenge in their life.  From simple fitness, facing life’s milestones or testing limits, each is an inspiration, and we enjoy being ...


Your final chance to vote in our 2014 Your Bicycle Favorites contest

Bicycle Garage Indy asked our friends, fans and customers to submit their favorite bicycling pictures from 2014, and here they are.  Your Likes and Comments can now help them win our 2014 Your Bicycle Favorites contest, with over $500 in ...


Your 2014 Favorites: 50 Miles for 50 Years by Carol Sanders

Turning fifty years old was not something that I was looking forward to last April. In fact, as the months leading up to my birthday sped by last winter, I found myself becoming anxious about the whole idea of hitting the half-century mark. Some ...


Your 2014 Favorites: My First Hilly Hundred! by Ben Matthews

This year was my first year riding and volunteering with CIBA’s Hilly Hundred Weekend! What a great experience! After volunteering with registration Friday evening and Saturday morning, I got to ride the Hilly Hundred with my dad. I ...


Your 2014 Favorites: Novice and Rode the Hilly Hundred by Beth Parker

I've been a social rider for a few years (by social, I mean riding maybe once a month during the summer), owning nothing more than my $250 mountain bike (purchased from a chain retail store about 5 years ago). In August of 2014, I decided to ...


My don’t have time to ride workout

The fall months are my favorite riding season.  I enjoy riding in the cooler weather along roads passing under turning leaves or through golden fields ready for harvest.  At the same time, the shortening days makes it a little more ...


Fall/Winter Biking – What Should I Wear?

As you dress for fall and winter cycling, you must consider several factors.  I usually start by checking my weather app for the current temperature and direction it is heading (is it warming up or cooling down)?  I then step outside ...


Your Bicycle: Training for the Hilly by Dan Metz

I've ridden the Hilly Hundred Weekend for years and this year, at age 73, I decided to do a little training in the French Alps. I rode L'Alpe d'Huez and Col du Glandon. Needless to say, the Tour de France guys are a bit faster than I ...