I bought my first "real" bike at BGI North in 2008. It was a Giant, Boulder, with a steal frame. I save two of my part-time jobs paychecks, because I'm so passionate about riding. I went to BGI with my mom and I told her, " you don't have to stay, I'm going to get a bike for sure and I'm going to ride it home!" They didn't have the aluminum frame in my size, so I tried the steal frame. Of course it was heavier, but that wasn't a problem. I told my mom to go for this very reason, I wasn't leaving without a bike. I rode my giant from 86st all the way to Butler University! My giant rode 4 years without a problem until I crashed on Town Run Trails and busted my gears. I inspired my friend Matt Z, in the picture and he also purchased a Giant from BGI, which he still has. We both, a year later, got Treks. He bought a Trek Hybrid from BGI and I bought a Trek Wahoo Mountain Bike, also from BGI. Both bikes are pictured in the photo. We love everything about BGI and we always recommend BGI to everyone! Thanks BGINDY!

Name: Scott
Bicycle: Trek Wahoo