On a beautiful Indy morning we headed to cheer on our large group of crazy friends who had voluntarily elected to run 13.1 miles, just for fun. In the course of that blissful and awe-inspiring event, we hit a snag…or a nail, or some other literal deterrent that caused my bike wheel to start gasping. The gasping resulted in a very flat tire and a very stranded me. It was in this moment that my boyfriend and I remembered the Pacer bike program and how wonderful it would be to rent a bike and get back to the excitement of meeting our friends at the finish line! I assumed at the time that we would lock up my bike and return for it later. My boyfriend, however, had other plans. He had plans to ride HIS bike while carrying MY bike while I rode a PACER bike. I am a person who can barely bike and talk so this was an unimaginable feat. So, for 1 very long and very crowded downtown mile, we rode. Me on the Pacer bike, him on his Trek bike, my road bike on his shoulder. We safely arrived at BGI and were thankfully met by a friendly mechanically inclined staff member willing to perform surgery on my wounded bike and after a short stop, back on the road we went! Thank goodness for the Pacer bike program, BGI and my boyfriend’s bike balancing superpower.

Name: Alexis
Bicycle: Fuji Declaration
City: Indianapolis
State: IN