Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness will be participating in the One America 500 Festival – Mini Marathon Expo, Thursday April 30 and Friday May 1.  We are excited to be at the Mini Marathon Expo this year, and even more excited about the product we will be featuring, the Octane Fitness Zero Runner.  We invite you to stop by our booth in the Indiana Convention Center during the Expo and take a few strides on this amazing piece of fitness equipment.

Introduced at the 2014 at the Boston Marathon, the Zero Runner removes the impact of a treadmill workout, and allows a more naturally stride than an elliptical trainer.  After just a year on the market, it has taken the running world by storm with great reviews and legions of fans. After a short adaption period to this unique platform, runners have found it allow for active recovery on rest days, and impact free injury recovery and rehabilitation. 

See for yourself when you try the Zero Runner at the Expo, or come by the BGI Fitness showrooms in Indianapolis (82nd St. at Dean Road) or in BGI Fitness in Greenwood (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd.).  And if you are saving yourself for the big race, we will be happy to schedule a Zero Runner test run appointment with you during May at either BGI Fitness location.

Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness, two great stores under one roof, serving Indiana since 1983.