Clinics, Classes and Rides continue!

Bicycle Garage Indy offers a variety of educational opportunities, including our clinics and maintenance classes. We also like to ride our bikes and lead group bike rides from our North-82nd St. and Greenwood locations. New 2015 at Bicycle Garage Indy in Greenwood is the Sat AM Ride on Saturday mornings. We hope you'll join us for clinics, classes and rides in the upcoming months to help you get the most out of your rides!

May & June 2015 Clinics

Our clinics are offered at all three Bicycle Garage Indy locations:
Mondays @  Downtown, 242 E. Market St., Indianapolis
Tuesdays @  Greenwood, 997 E. County Line Rd., Greenwood
Wednesdays @ North-82nd, 4340 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis

All clinics are held at 6:30 pm and last for 45 minutes. 

Clinics are offered at no charge, but registration is required. If no one is registered for the clinic by 48 hours prior to the clinic, it will be cancelled.Regular (recurring) clinics are held at BGI's three stores whereas 'Featured Clinics' are held only at BGI North. Clinic attendees will receive a coupon for 15% off clothing and accessory purchases on the night of the clinic. Also new: the "Learn and Earn"  program awards a $10 gift card after attending three clinics.

Preparing for Long Rides (50-100+ Miles) – Featured Clinic at North location only on Wednesday, June 3

Have you set a goal of doing a long ride (50-100+ miles) this year? 

This clinic will help you reach your goal by giving tips on how to prepare and what to do in the weeks leading up to your next long ride (50-100+ miles).


Fixing Flat Tires (all three locations):

How to take care of most common problems:

  • Preventing and fixing flat tires
  • Dropped chain
  • Something rubbing or dragging
  • Wheel crooked (not about truing, mostly about misaligned quick release)
  • Lubing tips to keep squeaks away and keep parts running smoothly

May: Urban Cycling Tips (all three locations):

Commuting by bike is as easy as replacing one car trip.Commuting isn't just from home to work, it is also to the store, bank, library, park and any other place you bike to instead of driving. Have you wanted to start commuting by bike but don't know where to start?  Often the best way to start is to use your bike for errands. Bicycling for errands is often much easier than commuting to work.

This clinics will help answer you questions about how to choose commuting routes, how to carry items on your bike, and provide additional information for those who want to commute to work: clothing, logistics of getting ready for work after commuting by bike as well as give resources that are available to help your bike commute (bicycle parking, showers/locker rooms, bike lockers, bike commuter tax benefit).

June: Riding Outside Your Neighborhood (all three locations):

Are you ready to explore areas outside your neighborhood, but don't know where to start?

This clinic will help you find new bicycle routes on your own as well as provide info about group riding experiences that are available through a variety of groups and organizations.


June Maintenance Classes

Bike Maintenance 101 (6/6/15)

Our Bicycle Maintenance 101 class is for any rider who would like to learn basic care for their bicycle, under the "hands-on" guidance of our experienced mechanics. Topics covered will include basic bicycle terminology, wheel removal, hands-on flat tire repair, simple adjustments for seats and handlebars, bicycle lubrication and cleaning, and simple road repairs. Visit this page to register

Wheel Truing and Hub Maintenance 202 (6/13/15)

Parts identification, bearing adjustment, freehub service, cartridge bearing hubs, Truing procedure, Lateral and radial truing, dish, tension, replacing damaged spoke, wheel wear and damage. Visit this page to register

Headsets, Bottom Brackets & Cranks 203 (6/27/15)

Component identification, different types of bottom brackets and headsets, adjustment procedures, installing/removing pedals, chainring BCD ID, installing/removing cranks. Visit this page to register



Bicycle Garage Indy Rides

Bicycle Garage Indy hosts several rides led by our staff on a regular basis from our North and Greenwood stores. Click on the name of the ride to get more information and to register. Join in on the fun!

Rides @ North:  

Friday AM Ride (Fridays): BGI Friday AM Rides are a casual ride of up to 32 miles with BGI staff.  Typical pace is 17-19 mph, no drop.  A couple of mini-races along the route will keep things interesting.

Evening Cruise (Thursdays): Bicycle Garage Indy Evening Cruise Rides are casual, social rides. If you are new to group riding and/or want to ride with a group of people sharing great conversations while riding your bike, this is the ride for you! We ride together as a group and regroup as necessary. The rides head SE from Bicycle Garage Indy North towards Fall Creek Trail and Fort Harrison State Park. We use low traffic neighborhood roads for the majority of the route. After the ride, the group goes to a nearby frozen yogurt location for more socializing.

Rides @ Greenwood:

Rest & Recovery (Monday): Bicycle Garage Indy Greenwood Monday Evening Rest & Recovery Ride: Rides are a lower-intensity training ride of 21 -27 miles. Typical pace is 16-17 mph. This is not supposed to be used as a training ride with sprints. The ride is a no-drop ride – we want to keep the group together. Short route is around 21 miles. Longer route is around 27 miles. More experienced riders will always be there to give advice.

10-13 Group (Wednesdays): 10-13 Group Ride at Bicycle Garage Indy Greenwood is on Wednesday evenings. The pace of the group will be 10-13 mph, for a distance of 15-20 miles. No one will be dropped.

NEW – Sat AM Ride (Saturdays): Saturday AM Ride is a fitness group ride with pace line and a few sprints for Stop Ahead Signs.

Connie Szabo Schmucker, Advocacy Director

Bicycle Garage Indy / BGI Fitness