Biking across the US has long been a dream of mine. Until now, like many, I have been working the office life looking out the window dreaming of sunshine, fresh air, and the open road. My life has long been spent paying my dues – putting in hard work in high school to get the grades and get into a good college, working even harder in college to grab the accolades in order to snag a good job and pay off those student loans, putting in harder work still at my job to have a successful career.

It seemed there was always an excuse not to follow this absurd desire. Then I started to think, what made my desire to embark on this grand journey so absurd? How is it any more absurd than grinding the hours away behind a computer screen missing the beauty that is mother-nature.

Finally, I decided what better time than NOW to tackle this challenge. Truth is, there is no better time than the present. So, starting in late April I will be dipping my tire in the Atlantic and starting the long journey across this beautiful country with the Pacific squarely in my cross hairs.

I'm sure there will be ups and downs, good days and bad, but that is why I have decided to undertake this quest – to gain some perspective. This is also why I have decided to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis with my ride through the Bike the US for MS organization. When the going gets tough I will remember that there are people whose struggle makes mine pale in comparison. This is what will encourage me to ride on.

I have set a modest fundraising goal of $1 per mile and would love if we could blow that goal out of the water! No pledge is too small! I invite you to be a part of my goal. Donations will go to support research and treatment at the James Q. Miller MS Clinic in Charlottesville, VA, the Swedish MS Center in Seattle, WA, and the Fairview MS Center in St. Paul, MN as well as fund service projects to enhance the lives of those living with MS through home modifications and essential medical equipment.

Every dollar donated goes directly to MS and not one penny will go to fund the tour. Every donation is tax deductible and will help to fight MS. You can learn more about Bike the US for MS and support the cause at http://www.biketheusforms.org/cyclists/detail.asp?cid=715. You can follow my journey from ocean to ocean by bicycle at www.ExplorePlanetEarth.org.

Thank you so much for your support! See you at the finish line!!

Name: Matt Krajewski
Bicycle: Novara Randonee
City: Indianapolis
State: IN


Matt:  Good luck with your efforts on the behalf of MS, and have a great trip.  Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story.


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