Low-impact bicycling is great for your heart and joints, but does little for your bone health.  Supplement your cycling with these activities for a stronger skeleton.  Shopping for a new treadmill?  Learn why scrimping on the dollars now can cost you more in the long run.  No budget at all for home equipment?  Great news!  No-equipment bodyweight exercises are surging in popularity.  Here are 50 exercises which you can start doing today!

Frame Work:  Build Bone Strength

Bicycling  – why is this such a great activity?  A big reason is that it is low impact, putting very little stress upon your hips, knees and feet.  But this is a double-edged sword, since low impact activities do little towards building a strong and healthy skeleton.  Learn what activities and foods you should add to your off-the-bike-exercise-routine to benefit your bone health.  

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The Trouble with Cheap Treadmills
Purchasing a treadmill for home-use is quite a significant investment.  But before you scrimp to save a few bucks – read this article.  Yes, you can bring home a cheaper model, but it may last at most 1-2 years.  Move up to the next price break, and now you have a treadmill that is designed to last 10-20 years.  In the long-term, the more expensive model may end up costing you less. 

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Adding Strength Training Into Your Cardio Routine
Are you ready to add strength training to your exercise routine, but have no budget for home equipment or a gym membership?  No problem, because no equipment “bodyweight” exercises are extremely effective and increasingly popular.   Learn more and follow the links to a resource list of 50 Bodyweight Exercises that you can do at home. 

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Linda Hardcastle
Exercise Physiologist, BGI Fitness