Bicyclists – 2 Milliseconds That Could Change Your Life

Two milliseconds – that is the time between when you're flying free on your bike and you're crashing to the ground.  Two milliseconds – that tiny bit of time determines if you pop back onto your bike or face a possible ...


Mountain Bike Night at Bicycle Garage Indy

Do you know  – how many miles of mountain bike trails there are in Indiana?  – how many millions of dollars the mountain bike trails are worth?  – how many miles of trails that HMBA has built with grants and ...


The New World of Fitness – Connectivity!

Shopping for a home treadmill or elliptical or bicycle?  This used to involve matching a reliable base with a console/programs to meet your needs.  But today there is a third feature to consider – connectivity options.   ...


ACTION ITEM: 3-Foot Passing Clearance and Trails Bills Stuck in Committee

Action Item: Bills for 3-foot passing and recreational trail maintenance funds are stuck in committee. VISIT THIS PAGE  to contact legislators on the committees, and ask them to hear the bills and vote on them so the bills can advance ...


Sitting All Day: Just How Bad is This For Your Employees?

As it turns out, sitting all day is actually QUITE harmful to your employees.  Even if they engage in regular structured exercise, this may not be enough to counteract the harmful effects of sitting for hours at a time. 2015 is the year to ...