The Bosu Balance Trainer has been around for a long time and is a staple of most gyms.  But now there is a second balance tool available – the SPRI Step360 Pro.  Let me review the Bosu Ball and then introduce you to the Step360.

Any exercise which you do on the ground can be moved onto the Bosu Ball.  The added element of balance will increase the challenge, amplify the results and additionally activate the core muscles.  For instance, if you perform a bicep curl standing on the ground, you are activating only the bicep muscle.  But do this same exercise while standing on the Bosu Ball, and you are additionally activating your muscles involved with balance – the core musculature.  Now do your bicep curls on the Bosu Ball on just one leg.  Those core muscles are really firing up now, struggling to maintain your balance.  And of course, the biceps are still being trained.  

Perform your exercises with the blue dome side up or down – the possibilities are endless.  Ever wonder where the name BOSU came from?  Apparently BOSU = BOth Sides Up.  

But now Bosu is not the only kid in town.  We have a second balance tool to consider – SPRI Step360 Pro.  Think of it as a Step and Balance tool in one – offering the best of both worlds.  A spacious, flat platform sits atop two air chambers.  As you progress, let some air out of the chamber, making it less stable and therefore more challenging.  See what you think with this 45 second clip:

I have been working with the Step360 for over a year now, and here are some advantages over the Bosu Ball:
•    The domed surface of the Bosu Ball poses a risk of ankle twisting.  The flat surface of the Step360 removes this risk.  Because of this alone, a group of physical therapists who came into our store immediately bought several Step 360’s for their practice.
•    The Step360 is great for a dynamic “hopping” move from right to left leg (jumping onto the platform in the middle).  This would be quite difficult with the domed Bosu.
•    The Step360 comes with built-in anchor points for rubber tubing, which expands its function into the arena of strength training.  

Would you like to see how all this comes together?  Here is a clip illustrating the many uses of a SPRI Step360 Pro.

One last perk of the Step360 is that it keeps my large stability ball from rolling around my home gym.  Simply flip the Step360 upside down, and your stability ball drops right inside the well!