The Hoosier Mountain Bike Association, a Chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association (HMBA-IMBA), needs your help!

Indy Parks is holding public meetings between March 3 and March 11 for its 10 year Master Planning process. We have a once in a decade opportunity to let Indy Parks know that there is public need for more mountain bike trails and facilities.

If you live in Indianapolis, or regularly use (or would use) mountain bike trails in the City of Indianapolis, please make every effort to attend one of these meetings. If you cannot attend the meeting close where you live, you can attend another meeting that fits your schedule.

HMBA leaders will be at all the meetings.

Please provide positive comments touching on the following topics

• The volunteer efforts you make towards trails.
• How mountain bike trails impact your life (health, well-being, quality of life).
• What additional facilities you would like to see in Indy.
• How mountain bike trails fit into Indianapolis as a bicycle friendly city.
• How your family and especially kids enjoy the trails.

Meeting Schedule:

If you can't make a meeting, please provide comments online. There is a website (set to be launched in late February 2015) that you can visit to make comments: The website will be a crowdsourced, responsive design (mobile and tablet friendly) website dedicated to this process. It will have among other things:

  • Details of every community meeting
  • Links to every technical report completed as the process goes along
  • Link to an online survey once it is live in early to mid-March
  • Opportunities for open ended comments
  • Links to social media to share feedback as well
  • Contact info for project leads and team should anyone wish to reach out

Once the website is live, the City’s website and the Plan 2020 website will both be interconnected with it so as to allow to cross-promotions and outreach.

Connie Szabo Schmucker, Advocacy Director

Bicycle Garage Indy / BGI Fitness

Indianapolis & Greenwodd