Are you shopping for a spin bike?  This Consumer Reports video informs you what features to look for.   Is your indoor training becoming a bit boring?  Revitalize it with these new routines.  Are you experiencing pain or twinges in the low back?  Nip it in the bud with these two simple exercises.  

Spin Bike Buying Guide

Have you taken a spin class and love the high intensity, low impact workout?  Would you like to bring the spinning experience to your home?  Before you shop, first watch this short Consumer Reports video to learn the features to look for.

Five Tips for Working Out Indoors During the Winter
February can be such a challenging month for keeping the momentum going with your indoor training.   You are sick of being indoors, and yet spring is still a ways off.  Now is the time to mix things up and try some new workouts so that you stay motivated and training hard.  

Montreal Gazette, by Jill Barker

Flatten Your Belly for a Happy Back
A study looked at mountain bikers who did and did not experience low back pain.  The differentiating factor between these groups was the strength and flexibility of two core muscle groups.  Learn what these specific muscles are and how to start strengthening them.

Bicycling Magazine, by Selene Yeager

By Linda Hardcastle,
Exercise Physiologist, Bicycle Garage Indy & BGI Fitness