The shocks of a hard-tail or full suspension mountain bike are very sophisticated pieces of equipment.  While not facing the same demands of their automotive and motorcycle brethren, their lightweight design makes regular maintenance very important.  Rather than being mileage based, most manufacturers make service recommendation based on hours of use, with at least annual maintenance.

Regular inspection is important too, so small problem doesn’t become a big problem.  For example, oil leaking out could mean dirt and moisture getting in, shortening the life of your equipment.

With the largest, most experience bicycle service department in central Indiana, Bicycle Garage Indy is ready to tackle any bicycle repair.  This is especially true when it comes to taking care of the unique needs of your mountain bike. Suspension service is provided on-site by our factory trained mechanics.  And these services are available separately, or as part of our Deluxe Overhaul package.

Manufacturers and Bicycle Garage Indy recommend annual service of forks and shocks if you ride regularly during the summer.  Your needs may vary based on your riding habits, and trail and weather conditions.  

Along with being included in our Deluxe Overhaul Package, the services listed below are available separately.

Fork Lower’s Service – $39.99, plus parts

  • Manufacturers generally recommend a wiper change and lowers cleaning every 50 trail hours.
  • Routine lowers service is important because you can't see the damage caused by contamination inside the your fork.
  • Oils streak on your fork indicate failing wipers, which can also allow water and dirt inside your fork.

Fork Lower’s Overhaul – $89.99, plus parts

  • Manufacturers generally recommend a more thorough overhaul at around 100 trail-hours.
  • Overhauls kits (prices vary, but generally between $60 to $70) include new wipers, o-rings and fluid, all which prolong the life fo your fork.

Rear Shock – Air Canister Service – $29.99, plus parts

  • Generally recommended at around 50 hours.  Older shocks may require more extensive use.


Real Linkage – Clean, Lube and Bearing Replacement – $34.99, plus parts

  • Generally recommended at 100 hours, though this may vary with trail and weather conditions.

All Suspension service from Bicycle Garage Indy is performed on-site by our factory trained staff.