Photo: (C) 2014 F RadakerFt. Harrison State Park recently hosted the final event in the Ohio Valley CX Series.  If you have not yet participated or spectated at this series, put it on your calendar for next Fall.  Cyclocross is one of the most spectator friendly events in the world of bicycle racing.  As the photo at left nicely shows, there is no far off grandstand seating.

Cyclocross, for those unfamiliar with it, started as Winter training for European slick tyred road racers.  It was good cross training (i.e. using different muscle groups than racing used) and helped to maintain fitness over the off-season.  They originally threw some knobby wide tires on their touring bicycles and it was off to the grass, pavement, snow and mud for some friendly workouts.  Over the years of course it got more serious.  Sanctioned cyclocross racing is now available for riders of all skill levels and ages; beginners to Professionals.

Photo: (C) 2014 F RadakerPhoto (C) 2014 F Radaker



One feature of cyclocross that sets it apart from other forms of bicycle racing are multiple barriers (typically 18" tall) that the racers must get over each lap.  When a group arrives at the barriers, tangled handlebars are not uncommon.  Most jump over while carrying their bikes, but a talented (and risk taking) few will stay aboard and "bunnyhop" over the barriers without dismounting.



Photo: (C) 2014 F RadakerPhoto: (C) 2014 F Radaker


Enjoy the fresh air and even grass sometimes.  It's not always snowy, muddy or cold during the Cross season.  And, bring the kids.

If you want to try a new form of competition, check out the 2015 crop of cyclocross models next year (late Spring) or the currrent Cyclocross bicycle models (some at clearance pricing).

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All photos: (C) 2014 F Radaker