Are you a cyclist wanting to perform better?  Would weight training help?  Join in the discussion weighing the pros and cons specific to cycling.  If your strength tool of choice is a functional gym, hear about the newest features in the Hoist Mi6, now at Bicycle Garage Indy & BGI Fitness.  And if all this training has left you with some “hot spots” or “trigger points”, read about a rehab tool which will calm them right down.

Should Cyclists Lift Weights?

As a cyclist, should you add strength training to your routine?  What about the resulting increase in body mass – won’t that prove detrimental to your climbing power?  Read this interesting discussion and form your own opinion.  Be sure to read the comment chain at the end – the discourse is fascinating. 

Bicycling Magazine, by Selene Yeager


Introducing the New HOIST Fitness Mi6 Home Gym
Are you considering adding strength equipment to your home?  If functional gyms are on your list of possible units, you may wish to watch this YouTube video from HOIST Fitness.  As Joey points out key features of their soon-to-be-launched 2015 gym, you can mentally create a checklist of which of these features are important to you, and which are not.  Then you will be better prepared to start your own shopping.

Hoist Fitness YouTube


Trigger Point Foam Rolling to Relieve Tight Muscles
Anyone who trains hard has experienced tight muscles leading to “knots” in particular areas of their bodies.  Although it would be lovely to seek out a massage therapist each time this happens, this is not always practical.  But you can replicate the massage experience by foam rolling this trouble spot, known as a “trigger point”.  Learn the meaning of “it hurts so good”.  

Octane Fitness Blog, by Julie King