HIIT stands for high intensity interval training.  I think of it as intervals on steroids.  Why?  Well, as you may already know, interval training involves alternating periods of harder aerobic work followed by recovery periods.  You may push yourself harder than normal for several minutes, followed by a recovery of several minutes.  Coaches love interval training, as it is a great way to increase aerobic conditioning quickly and efficiently.  


What differentiates HIIT is that the hard aerobic phase is done at near maximum intensity – and therefore is maintained for as little as 20 seconds.  Because of the all-out intensity, only 3-10 reps are performed.  Workouts are intense but short and sweet.  Benefits include improved athletic capacity, improved glucose metabolism and improved fat burning. 

Wikipedia does a good job of explaining HIIT and even describes four of the most commonly used interval regimens (link).

If you are intrigued and ready to structure your own HIIT workouts, let this American College of Sports Medicine Interval Training information sheet (PDF) guide you with your interval intensities as well as how long each interval should be.

The ultimate way to incorporate HIIT training into your workouts would be to have a coach take you through the routine – telling you when to push harder and when to back off.  One fitness equipment company has effectively done that for you – putting the coach right into the console.  Vision Fitness has put their specialized HIIT workout (called Sprint 8), into many of their treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes.  Just hit the Sprint 8 button and you are coached through an all-out, high intensity routine.  You can learn more about Vision’s Sprint 8 program on the Vision Fitness website (link).

Meet Phil Campbell at Bicycle Garage Indy & BGI FitnessWant a chance to actually experience this Sprint 8 workout?  BGI Fitness is hosting Sprint 8’s developer, coach and athletic trainer Phil Campbell.  He will be taking participants through an actual Sprint 8 workout on your favorite piece of equipment (treadmill, elliptical or bike).   Offered over two nights at our in locations in Greenwood and Indianapolis, these events are FREE – we just ask you to pre-register first (link)


Bicycle Garage Indy & BGI Fitness – two great stores in 1 stop.  Find a the complete selection of Vision Fitness equipment featuring Sprint 8 at our stores in Indianapolis (82nd St, just east of Dean Rd.) and Greenwood (just west of I65 on County Line Rd.)