Thank you, Mayor Ballard!

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard recently announced that he would not be seeking re-election for a 3rd term. We would like to take the opportunity to say “Thank you Mayor Ballard” for his leadership, especially with improving Indianapolis for bicyclists and for recognizing that providing opportunities for bicycling makes Indianapolis a better community for everyone. We look forward to working with you in your final year in office and wish you the best in the years that follow!


Fall Creek Trail Open! After nearly a year of closure and detours, the Fall Creek Trail is open again under Keystone Avenue, as of Nov. 14, 2014.  In addition, Keystone Avenue over Fall Creek overflow bridge is totally open to traffic. It is now possible to ride from White River State Park to Fort Harrison State Park totally on greenways!


Fishers Bike/Ped Plan

The Fishers side of Giest will soon have a wider multi-use trail along Fall Creek Road from 96th St. to Brooks School Rd. The 1.67 mile asphalt trail will be 8-to-10-feet wide in most places allowing for two-way traffic. With the completion of the trail along the north side of 96th Street between Carroll Road and Olio Road, a 7.5 mile loop will be created that will connect residents along Olio Road, 116th Street, Brooks School Road and 96th Street. More details and to provide comments on Bicycle/Pedestrian Plans for Fishers


Great Places 2020 Announcement

On Friday, November 21, Great Places 2020 announced on Friday Nov. 21 the initial three Great Places: 38th & Illinois, East Washington & Oxford and West Michigan & King. Great Places 2020 is a visionary community development project transforming strategic places in six Marion County neighborhoods into dynamic centers of culture, commerce and community, preparing Indianapolis for unprecedented success as we enter 2020, the City of Indianapolis' Bicentennial. Visit www.GreatPlaces2020.org for information and how to get involved.


From our friends at the Indy Bike Hub YMCA:


Membership / Marketing Position Open

The Indy Bike Hub YMCA is looking for a Membership and Marketing Director for one of the most innovative Ys in the country—the Indy Bike Hub Y. Details and job description





People for Bikes Travel with Care Campaign

The Travel With Care campaign is aimed at humanizing people on bikes and encouraging better behavior among drivers and bike riders. We want to inspire the general public to see every bike rider as a neighbor, friend or family member—just a normal person who chooses to bike. In addition to humanizing bicyclists, the campaign’s message is built around bettering behavior by both people in cars and on bikes by asking them to travel with care and to “melt icy relations on the road.” Visit this page to see all the Travel with Care images

Solar Powered and Glowing Bike Paths from around the world: solar powered bike path in the Netherlands, work of art glowing bike path (Netherlands), glowing bike path in Britain (October 2013) and solar-powered guide lights on bike lanes in Washington DC (March 2014).


For more details on these items, please visit www.bgindy.com/for/advocacy1