Newsflash:  The 2014 Holiday Season Begins the 2015 Cycling Season

That’s right, the 2015 cycling season started yesterday and you missed it.  Well, it started for those cyclists who want to move up to the next level riding group, those who want to keep up with their faster friend (without riding at max heart rate all the time), those entertaining the idea of pinning on a race number and those who dream of finishing their first century.  The key of course is preparation, and that begins in the Winter.

There are two important investments you can make to ensure a successful cycling season next year: an Indoor Bicycle Trainer and a Bicycle Fitting.  The trainer part is pretty obvious – it’s tough to get a quality workout riding your road bike through a foot of snow.  A trainer allows you to do controllable and consistent workouts through the Winter regardless of the weather.  Consistency is the important end of the equation.  Most experts suggest 3 workouts a week is a good minimum. (We have some shopping tips if you are looking for a bicycle trainer.)

The other investment isn’t so obvious to those who have never gone through a professionl Bicycle Fitting.  Overuse injuries are the bane of serious cyclists (that’s not limited to racers or ultra-distance riders) and the usual cause is a poorly adjusted bicycle.  “Poorly adjusted” in this case meaning not specifically adjusted to the body of the cyclist.  When the same body movement is repeated hundreds of thousands of times in just one outdoor riding season for the average recreational cyclist, just a small error in alignment can create stresses in joints that eventually become the source of pain and possible injury.  Overuse injuries sometime takes months to become painful, and usually months to heal.  A properly fitted bicycle is adjusted to the cyclist’s body proportions, fitness, flexibility, etc. so the causes of these injury producing stresses are minimized or eliminated.

Why are the indoor trainer and a Fitting lumped together here?  Many have told me they’ll get their Fitting in the Spring, closer to the outdoor riding season.  The benefits of all that indoor Winter riding are greatly reduced however if you exercise in a position different than your road riding position; created by that “Spring Fitting.”  Maximum benefits from your trainer riding are only possible if you train in the same position in which you’ll be riding the outdoor roads.  Which muscle groups develop cycling fitness and proper muscle memory for smooth efficient pedaling is controlled by the position you train in.  That’s why your Bicycle Fitting should happen before your indoor trainer season starts.  Proper positioning precedes proper pedaling.

Whatever your goals for next year, investing in a Bicycle Fitting and an indoor bicycle trainer will delilver a great 2015 cycling season. 

Frank Radaker
Certified Bicycle Fitter – Bicycle Garage Indy

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