Advocacy News and Action Items (Enews 11/06/14)

Displaying ShiftGearsLogo.jpgBikes Needed for Shifting Gears: Need some space in your basement or garage? Consider donating a bike to Shifting Gears. Shifting Gears is in need of men’s bikes. We have requests for more than 100 bikes that we can’t fulfill due to a shortage of mens bikes. Bikes that are donated give the donor a tax benefit and go to organizations to help folks who can’t afford bikes. Shifting Gears is a program of Bicycle Garage Indy, Volunteers of America of Indiana and Department of Correction. Please consider donating a bike to help those less fortunate. Bikes can be dropped off at any Bicycle Garage Indy location during business hours. Visit this page for more information about the Shifting Gears program.


Monon Trail Closures in Hamilton CountyPlease be advised of an upcoming closure on the Monon Greenway and its detour from 96th St. to Carmel Dr. This closure is required to allow for the southern section of the Monon to be repaved. The closure is scheduled to begin on Monday November 10, 2014 and is anticipated to last for approximately two to three weeks. Visit this page for more details and maps of detours




National Advocacy items:


A recent Diane Rehm Show on National Public Radio devoted to urban and transportation bicycling, Sharing the Road: Adapting to a New Culture of Cycling. Topics covered in the radio show included increasing bicycle lanes and protected bike lanes, rights of bicyclists, education of motorists and bicyclists and ways to address bicycle safety in general. The Indianapolis Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council and the City of Indianapolis have been proactively working on these issues.


A new report out, GHSA’s Spotlight on Highway Safety: Bicyclist Safety, showed the surge in American bicycling has increased bicycle fatalities. Giving a bit more context are Alliance for Bicycling and Walking’s analysis of the report as well as analysis from People for Bikes which shows that bicycling actually has been getting safer as Americans bicycle more.


Action Alert: Support Commuter Benefits For Everyone

Displaying league-logo.pngPlease contact Congress and tell them to respect all commuters: Under current law people who drive to work get almost twice the parking benefit as transit riders get for transit. HR 2288: The Commuter Parity Act would permanently fix these issues. S.1116: The Commuter Benefits Equity Act, and THE EXPIRE ACT are companion bills in the US Senate.

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