In my 30 years of delivering employee wellness programming, I have had the unique opportunity of going onsite to a variety of businesses and observing their employee wellness in action.  Consistently, there is one factor which is present in every thriving corporate wellness program.  It is not the size of the company nor the amount of budgeted dollars.  Rather, it is whether or not that company’s wellness has a strong and involved executive support.  Executive support becomes the essential backbone of a successful employee wellness program.

What is the best way to cultivate such support?  I came across an interesting blog which elucidates the top 3 steps to garnering such executive support.  This blog is found in the Chapman Institute, Results-Driven Worksite Wellness website:

If I may summarize, the author proposes the following 3 steps:
#3.  Dig into the details, and show them the plan.
Take the time up-front to draft a carefully formulated plan which will become your blueprint for implementation.  

#2.  Cultivate a “C-Level” Champion.
Track the results from your programming and communicate it to executive leadership.  Include with this supporting data from independent research.  

#1.  Three little letters:  R…O…I!  
Leadership responds to financial return on their investment.  Share with them the prospect of reducing future costs on sick leave, absenteeism, worker’s compensation and health plans.  

As you work your way through step #3, keep in mind that the staff at BGI Fitness Commercial can help you with the details.  If a fitness facility is part of your dream, we can draft for you facility requirements, room layout and budget proposals.   Combine this with with your other wellness programming proposals and you are ready to present to executive leadership and garner their support.  

Linda Hardcastle
Exercise Physiologist for Bicycle Garage Indy & BGI Fitness