We all know that a well-rounded fitness program involves both cardio and strength, but time constraints frequently curtail one of these.  No more!  Now there is one machine which uses cross circuit training to provide a strength-infused cardio experience.  Let me introduce Octane Fitness.

Pairing up with their SmartLink app, Octane equipment allows you to customize your cross circuit experience.  You pick the workout you want, your time intervals and resistance level changes.  SmartLink then coaches you through your customized cross circuit workout.  Sets of strength training are interspersed throughout your aerobic session.  But the strength sets are short enough that your heart rate remains elevated, thus ensuring a quality aerobic session as well.

Have you been hitting the strength sessions hard, and need a day of rest/recovery?  Then instead of selecting strength work, select stretching and recovery exercises (e.g. foam rolling).  All this can be set up with your SmartLink app.  

To see how easy it is to customize your cross circuit program with SmartLink, watch this:

Wondering what kind of equipment is available with this Cross Circuit option?  Octane Fitness is known for their innovative and ergonomically designed elliptical trainers.  Both standing and seated ellipticals are available.  A new option from Octane was introduced just this year.  The Zero Runner is a zero-impact running machine.  Featuring a hip and knee joint, it finally provides a natural, smooth running experience but without all the impact.  Click here to see this in action:

Along with Octane Fitness, you will find equipment from Precor, Vision and Hoist, to name just a few, when you visit Bicycle Garage Indy & BGI Fitness North (82nd at Dean Rd.) or in Greenwood (just west of I65 on County Line Rd.)  Stop by today to test run the Zero Runner, or any piece of equipment on our showroom floors.