Kids Night Thank You Note

Each month from April – October, Bicycle Garage Indy offers a Kids Night where Advocacy Director Connie Szabo Schmucker gives kids and parents some tips on bicycle safety, helmet fitting, the importance of airing up tires, how to prevent ...


Advocacy Updates and Action Items (11/20/14)

Thank you, Mayor Ballard! Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard recently announced that he would not be seeking re-election for a 3rd term. We would like to take the opportunity to say “Thank you Mayor Ballard” for his leadership, ...


Maximize your indoor trainer time with a Professional Bicycle Fitting

Newsflash:  The 2014 Holiday Season Begins the 2015 Cycling Season That’s right, the 2015 cycling season started yesterday and you missed it.  Well, it started for those cyclists who want to move up to the next level riding ...


Dumbbells and Kettlebells – Understanding Your Options

You can create a home-strengthening program using nothing but dumbbells and/or kettlebells.  But there are subtle choices within these categories.  Let me see if I can help clarify these differences for you. Under the category of ...


Advocacy Updates and Action Items (11/6/14)

Advocacy News and Action Items (Enews 11/06/14) Bikes Needed for Shifting Gears: Need some space in your basement or garage? Consider donating a bike to Shifting Gears. Shifting Gears is in need of men’s bikes. We have requests for more ...


Corporate Wellness: How to Succeed? Build Executive Support

In my 30 years of delivering employee wellness programming, I have had the unique opportunity of going onsite to a variety of businesses and observing their employee wellness in action.  Consistently, there is one factor which is present in ...


Get 2 for 1: Cardio AND Strength in One Machine

We all know that a well-rounded fitness program involves both cardio and strength, but time constraints frequently curtail one of these.  No more!  Now there is one machine which uses cross circuit training to provide a ...