Protect Your Eyes on the Bike

Your eyes are as important to your riding as your heart – and a lot more vulnerable to the elements.  Here’s how to treat them right. As an added bonus, learn how to pick the best lens tint for your sunglasses based on how you ride. 

Bicycling Magazine, by Evelyn Spence

The 300 Workout
Want Hollywood muscle?  Try this 300-rep Spartan workout – used by the cast of the movie – for a full-body transformation.  Keep in mind this is a grueling workout for the most advanced of athletes.  You can always tone it down to a level more appropriate for your current fitness level – the article even offers a beginner workout.

Men’s Health Magazine

5 Motivation Tips to Lose Weight
We humans are interesting creatures – short-term rewards are more motivating than long-term life altering benefits.  Use this information to your advantage when structuring a reward system for your weight loss goals. 

Bicycling Magazine, by Lisa Marshall