As you dress for fall and winter cycling, you must consider several factors.  I usually start by checking my weather app for the current temperature and direction it is heading (is it warming up or cooling down)?  I then step outside to evaluate conditions – is the sun out in full force with nary a cloud in sight, or is the sun nowhere to be found?  A 55 degree day with full sun is MUCH warmer than a 55 degree day with full clouds. 

I then observe the trees and plants to determine wind factors.  A gentle breeze in the summer can feel absolutely delightful, while the same breeze in the winter can chill you to the bone.  The same goes for precipitation.  A 50 degree cloudy day with wind and rain can feel MUCH worst than a 35 degree calm and dry day with full sun.  

It is only after considering all of these factors that I make my final clothing selections for my ride.  With 30 years of cycling under my belt, I usually make a good choice and ride in comfort.  But if you are still new to this, your instincts may not always serve you well.  

Now there is a neat calculator to help you out.  Simply punch in the current weather factors, and out pops a list of what you should wear for your ride.  How cool is that? 

Follow this link to Bicycling Magazine’s What to Wear Calculator:

Looking for more tips on fall riding?  Our Hilly Hundred Weekend Resource page offers advice on preparing for Indiana's premier fall cycling event, the Hilly Hundred Weekend.   You will also find the staff at all three Bicycle Garage Indy locations is trained and ready to help you find the right cycling clothing for any riding condtions you may encounter.