As increasing numbers of youth are participating in sport, the question of strength training inevitably arises. Would resistance training enhance their sport performance, and more importantly, is it safe for their young bodies? Ironically, the incidence of youth obesity is concurrently on the rise. Could strength training play any role in controlling this rising epidemic? Research has demonstrated that strength training can not only be performed safely by our youth, but that it can enhance sport performance as well as assist in the battle against obesity. 

© Paul Moore - Fotolia.comBut please, do not simply release your child to the weight room.  Emotional immaturity and still growing bodies mandate the need for close supervision.  Youth also should lift following different guidelines than adults follow.  And maximal lifts should never, never be attempted!  

For the most current recommendations for strength training and youth, please follow this link (PDF) for a complete article on the topic.

If your child is ready to begin strength training, but you are not ready for them to enter the arena of gyms, consider transitioning them with the more controlled and gentle strengthening tools called fitness accessories.  These include tubes, medicine balls, dumbell weights, etc and are all available for purchase at our North and Greenwood stores.  

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