Our "Green Team" promotes sustainable business practices within Bicycle Garage Indy and in the community.  Here are some highlights of what we accomplished in 2013.

Recycling: Bicycle Garage Indy recycled 37.2 tons of material in 2013. Cardboard, plastics, and steel are just some of the materials that BGI manages responsibly. Read about our Green Team and the 5R concept (Refuse/Reduce/Recycle/Reuse/Reform) at

Refurbishing / Reusing Bicycles: In 2013, the Shifting Gears program took in 359 donated bicycles. With the help of the other Shifting Gears partners, 552 bicycles were placed with community organizations who, in turn, gave the bikes to people in need. Since August 2007, 3,295 bikes have been donated by BGI customers and others. More than 3,000 refurbished bikes have been placed with deserving folks in Indiana. You can learn aboutS hifting Gears Program, and how you can assist it at

Bicycle Commuting:  Bicycle Garage Indy  provides incentives for our staff to ride to work. In 2013, the staff collectively rode exactly 35,000 miles in 4,608 trips to and from work.  One person commuted 7,859 miles! In the U.S., the average car lasts 150,000 miles, gets around 22mpg, and costs somewhere between 46 to 77 cents per mile to operate. Since Bicycle Garage Indy's internal program started in 2008, 167,960 commuting miles have been logged. That basically equates to 1 car that never needed to be built or scrapped, over 7,000 gallons of gasoline that wasn't used, and something like $85k unspent.

You can find more than 20 blog posts about bicycle commuting in central Indiana at in the Bicycle Garage Indy blogs at (search "commute").