You may have heard of TRX Suspension Training – a system which leverages gravity and your body weight for resistance.  You are in complete control of just how much you want to challenge yourself – simply adjust your body position to increase or decrease resistance. 

This simple yet portable equipment  strengthens and tones the body while developing a rock-solid core.  These trainer straps can be found in Cross Fit Gyms around the country.  It is particularly suited to the more advanced athlete looking to push the limits of their training. 

Another plus of the TRX Training System is that it is small and portable – ideal for throwing into a suitcase while travelling.  It also provides for training indoors or outdoors – use the Suspension Anchors outdoors to attach to a tree, a pole or playground equipment.  When indoors, use the Door Anchor.

BGI Fitness is now offering both the TRX HOME Suspension Kit AND the TRX PRO Suspension Kit (ideal for clubs and personal trainerrs). Follow this link to learn about all the Floor Exercise accessories at BGI Fitness.

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