Every January 1st the vast majority of Americans share the same New Year’s Resolution – to lose weight and/or keep their fitness regime going.  And every February 1st the vast majority of Americans fail with said New Year’s Resolution.  How can we reverse this trend and keep our exercise routine going?

I would suggest the solution is to have some basic exercise options AT HOME.  Even if your preference is to go out to a gym, to be surrounded by other exercisers for fun and motivation, there will be days when you just cannot get there. Worst still, if you have a string of crazy days when you cannot make the gym, it is easy to fall out of your good routine and before you know it – you haven’t been to the gym in a month! 

I, too, prefer the social camaraderie of the gym.  However, on those super busy days, I know that I can still get my workout in at home.  My home gym is fairly simple – a bicycle trainer along with assorted strength training accessories, e.g. medicine balls, dumbbell weights, tubes, etc.  We do not have a lot of space, and this option works great for us.

If you have more room or even a basement, then you could consider a larger piece of dedicated equipment, such as a treadmill, or elliptical trainer, or functional gym (for strengthening and toning). 

I admit that I love to exercise and place it high on my priority list each day.  However, I could not have maintained my unbroken streak of consistent exercise for over 30 years now without this home equipment.  Come by BGI Fitness and Bicycle Garage Indy to see all of the many options for in-home fitness equipment. 

When you visit Bicycle Garage Indy, BGI Fitness is the same store. Bicycle Garage Indy-North (Dean Rd at East 82nd Street) and Bicycle Garage Indy-South (just seconds west of I-65 on County Line Road).