We are in the midst of the fall training season, which can be some of the most challening training time of the year. The trees are ablaze with color and it can feel so cozy inside your fleece jackets.  The temperatures are dropping as well, which can result in your forgetting to drink.  Unlike in the summer, thirst no longer dictates your regular habit of hydration.

But keep in mind that drinking well and drinking often will result in enhanced athletic training.    And the better you train, the better you will perform in destination rides and local competitions.  It is a long debunked myth that “if you deny yourself water, it will make you tough”. 

Let’s do a quick review of what to drink and how much.

  • Training < 1 hour?  Plain water is fine.
  • Training > 1 hour?  A sports drink formulation will prove helpful.

How much?  A general guideline is 1 water bottle (20-24 oz.) per hour.

CamelBak nsulated bottles and drinking tubes:  great for hot and cold workouts.Training Tip:  I quit drinking when my  water gets warm.  An easy way to keep that fluid ice cold is to switch to an insulated water bottle.   My drink stays tasty cold for up to 2-3 hours! On the otherhand, for really cold days, you might want a warm drink that stays warm, and an insulated bottle works for that too.  The CamelBak Podium Big Chill ($13.99) is a 25 oz. insulated bottle that fits any water bottle cage.

Also from CamelBak and at Bicycle Garage Indy,  for those really cold rides and workouts are the CamelBak Insulated Tube ($17.99) and Insulated Tube Director9$21.99).  Both can help keep a drinking tube from freezing, and Tube Diriector uses a flexible wire to keep the tube in postion for hands free drinking, great for when riding in gloves or mitts.