Okay, folks, the cold weather is descending upon us.  It is time to resolve to continue with our fitness programs, even if it means bringing it indoors.  Many of us have the best of intentions, planning to keep our routine going strong.  But sometimes the tedium of indoor training stops us in our tracks.  Is there anything that can help?

Absolutely!  My favorite way to keep workouts fresh in the winter is to mix in interval training.  Instead of focusing on the 28 minutes that are remaining in your workout (ugh), you instead focus on the smaller time increments of intervals.  “Thirty seconds of pushing hard…  I can make it ….   10 seconds…5…2…1….  Whew.  Did it.  Okay, 2 minutes to recover”.    You will be amazed at how the minutes go by with a hard/easy format.

Add add accessories like Exertubes, a kettle bell or medicine ball to beat the indoor blahs!Another way to break the time up is to do just 5 minutes at a time on your aerobic piece.  For instance, 5 minutes of walking on the treadmill.  Then step off, pick up the dumbbell weights, and do a set of bicep curls.  Then right back onto the treadmill.  The trick is to make your transitions quick, so that your heart rate remains elevated in your training zone.  Pick a new speed, jog for 5 minutes, then pop off for a quick set of tricep curls.  Now instead of “getting through” a 30 minute ordeal, you just have to make it through 5 minutes at a time.  Mentally, we can all handle this.

If you like this cross-circuit idea of intermixing strength training with your aerobic routine, you might want to come into our store and try out some of the Octane Ellipticals.  Their innovative console has strength training blasters built into the programming.  When strength training is about to begin, a visual countdown appears on your screen.  Then an audible beep alerts you to the start of your strength session.  Resistance automatically ramps up.  You have a hard-charging set of arm and/or leg strengthening, before it returns to your normal aerobic level.    

Heather Brunk will lead Octane Fitness at BGI North & South in DecemberIf this sounds intriguing, then come to the free BGI Fitness Octane Fitness Nights,  (Wednesday, December 4 at BGI South in Greenwood and Thursday, December 5 at BGI North in Indianapolis), where Octane Trainer Heather Brunk will lead you through just such a workout.  Click here for more details