BGI provides indoor bike parking for all employeesBicycle Garage Indy employees have commuted by bike more than 27,000 miles in 2013 so far (as of September 30, 2013) and are rolling toward a record year. The past two years (2001 and 2012) BGI bike commuters have collectively bicycled more than 30,000 miles and 2013 appears to have that in easy reach. 

Green Savings since March 2008

Carbon Dioxide 127,997pounds
Carbon Monoxide 3,519,912 grams
Hydrocarbons 463,988 grams
Nitrogen Oxide 239,994 grams
Gasoline 6,400 gallons
Since program began: 19721 trips / 159966 miles (March 2008 through September 2013)
Rob Cline holds the top spot for the year for trips (397 trips) and Johnathan Persinger is leading the group in miles (5,404 miles). September weather was a boost to commuting, with the group hitting 3000 miles in a month for the 3rd time in 2013 (May and June were the other two months). 
Now that fall has arrived, we'll see who the die-hard commuters will be. 

Keep bicycling!

Connie Szabo Schmucker, Advocacy Director

Bicycle Garage Indy / BGI Fitness

Indianapolis & Greenwood