Indiana has a very active tandem community - www.tandemhoots.org If you are a couple or family thinking about a tandem, fall is the perfect time to start the journey.  For a variety of reasons, buying a tandem is more complex than buying a bike for yourself.  Starting in the fall gives you plenty of time to work through the process, and have your new tandem in time for the next riding season.

It is a good idea to start now when this year's cycling is fresh on everyone's mind.  Excitement and memories carry over into the shopping process when you consider what you are looking for in a tandem.

Shopping for a tandem takes a little longer because you are buying a bike for two (or more).  While style of  the tandem is the obvious first decision (family, sport, or performance are a few of the options), other decisions will include sizing, saddles, pedals, and the accessories that will be added.  And then you will have to decide on the color (or colors).  Co-Motion allows hundreds of color combinations and styles to make your tandem just as unique as you!

Also, since most tandems, like the Co-Motion Cycles tandems sold by Bicycle Garage Indy, are built specifically for you, you will have 6-8 weeks to wait while your frame is built and painted by Co-Motion, then shipped to BGI for final assembly before delivery to you. During that waiting time, you can take care of the details of arranging for transporting your tandem on your vehicle, and where you might be storing it at home.  BGI can help you with both.

So for a great first season of tandem riding in 2014, start your shopping now. If you finalize your choices and order in early January, you will have  new tandem, built just for you, ready to ride just as the season kicks off, with plenty of time to learn tandeming skills before the first big events of 2014.  

While new to Co-Motion Cycles in 2013, Bicycle Garage Indy's service department has worked on hundred of tandems and we have staff with thousand's of miles tandem riding.  We are very happy to share this experience with you. We also offer a one-on-one tandem class, TandemWise, available at Bicycle Garage Indy North

Bicycle Garage Indy has three locations to serve you; Bicycle Garage Indy North (Indianapolis, in the Dean Road at 82nd St.),  South (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd, Greenwood), and the BGI Downtown, in the Indy Bike Hub YMCA at City Market. 


Jay Hardcastle, Marketing Manager for Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness