I rode the 2013 Hilly Hundred weekend with two great people – my 18-year old son, and a cycling friend of over 35 years.

Justin, the youngest of our two boys, was in a Burley trailer at 6-weeks old, and tandeming before his fourth birthday.  He has been on three different week-long tours, and rides regularly to work and school on his 29er, and has even taken up the unicycle.  He rode is first Hilly in 2003 on the back of a tandem with Dad, and has ridden on his own the last 3 years. (My wife Linda, and older son Tyler, rode some of those Hilly's as well.)

Steve Leiby and I started riding together in the 70's,  working on bike clubs and rides around Lansing, Michigan, and on the Dick Allen to Lansing to Mackinac Ride (DALMAC.org) ride.  We first rode Hilly together a couple times in the early `80s, and then growing families, jobs and relocations had our rides together few and far between.  In 2007 we resumed an annual ride goal, starting with RAIN, then two DALMACs, the last 3 Hilly Hundreds.

I am very lucky to have both a family and friends that have shared my life-long love of bicycling.  The Hilly has been through many changes over the years, but remains a great time to ride with both.

Name: Jay Hardcastle (BGI Employee)
Bike: Trek Domane 2.3
City: Carmel:
State: IN

Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Hilly Hundred Weekend Story.


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Jay S. Hardcastle, Marketing Manager for Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness