BGI Bike Commuters on a Roll

Bicycle Garage Indy employees have commuted by bike more than 27,000 miles in 2013 so far (as of September 30, 2013) and are rolling toward a record year. The past two years (2001 and 2012) BGI bike commuters have collectively bicycled more than ...


Like your favorite 2013 Hilly Hundred Memory

Bicycle Garage Indy asked for NEW Hilly Hundred Weekend Memories, and here is what our customers, friends, fans (and staff) shared. Like (or leave a comment) for your favorite by Wednesday (10/30/2013) at 9 PM, and we will announce the winners ...


2013: Not Last by Amy Dreischerf

My cousin and I decided to do the Hilly Hundred Weekend for the first time to do something awesome this fall. I had heard about it when I went to college in Bloomington and I recently have been getting into biking. My cousin had been doing a lot ...


2013: Young Blood Encouragement by Nathan Dinges

My wife Kristen and I ride a tandem but we actually like to climb hills. We are slow but we will get to the top without walking. Usually as we are climbing we are encouraged by the single bikes passing who have a respect for us taking on the ...


2013: Hilly with family and friends by Jay Hardcastle

I rode the 2013 Hilly Hundred weekend with two great people – my 18-year old son, and a cycling friend of over 35 years. Justin, the youngest of our two boys, was in a Burley trailer at 6-weeks old, and tandeming before his fourth ...


Fall is the time to start Tandem Shopping

If you are a couple or family thinking about a tandem, fall is the perfect time to start the journey.  For a variety of reasons, buying a tandem is more complex than buying a bike for yourself.  Starting in the fall gives you plenty of ...


2013: Hilly – Improvised by Mike Meenan

What do you do when staying in a hotel with limited resources available after a very wet ride? Improvise and get the bike ready for day two. The 2013 Hilly Hundred Weekend was my first. It was awesome. I’d long been out of cycling and got ...


2013: hilly 100 #4 by Chris Thompson

Every Hilly Hundred Weekend has been different weather wise. This year, Saturday was raining and cold but still a lot of fun (a lot of fair weather riders didn't come so it wasn't real crowded). Sunday's weather was great, we ...


2013: Hobbies are Priorities by Jessica Bischoff

Since I moved to Indianapolis in 2000, I've heard about this Thing; The Hilly Hundred Weekend. As my interest in road biking grew I knew I wanted to participate in the Hilly but it seemed like something always came up that same October ...


2013: Blue Grass in the hills by Will Weprich

Although I am more of a Mozart guy when it come to music, I became a blue grass fan this weekend at the Hilly Hundred Weekend. The bands were great, and when I heard the dulcet tones as I approached the rest stop near Wampler Rd on Sunday, my ...