IndyRoads Revenue Bonds Need Your Support

IndyRoads Revenue Bonds Voted Down by Indianapolis City-County Council Public Works Committee Mayor Ballard's Office had proposed borrowing $135 million through the issuance of a municipal bond, which would allow the City to get matching ...


Cycling Jersey Benefits Bicycle Indiana

Our friends at Bicycle Indiana have a new bicycle jersey! You can display your pedal passion as well as support Bicycle Indiana: a small amount of the proceeds from the purchase of the jersey will benefit Bicycle Indiana. This jersey is only ...


“Open Streets” to debut in Indy on September 29th

"Open Streets" to debut in Indy: Join us on Sunday, September 29th for an Open Streets event along Westfield Boulevard from noon-5pm.  Open Streets, which began in Bogota, Columbia, temporarily closes streets to automobile traffic ...


Your Bicycle: Keeping us safe in a crowd! by Rick Hines

These are two of the eight bicycles used by the Indianapolis Fire Department to respond to medical emergencies during special events. These bike are equipped with emergency medical supplies including oxygen, bandaging, medicine and ...


Your Bicycle: The Beast by Linda Godby

In 1997 a friend of mine told me about a bike ride in southern Indiana, the Hilly Hundred Weekend, that her husband had done the previous year. She knew I rode my bike and thought I would enjoy it. She told me there were some hills but I really ...


Your Bicycle: First Race by Ashley Thole

This is Ryan and Benjamin. They love their bikes. They are 5 and 3 and participated in their first D.IN.O (Do Indiana Offroad) series bike race last weekend. They say their favorite thing to do is race their bikes and can't wait to hit the ...


Your Bicycle: I Will Get Up by Carla Knapp

Large, jagged chunks of asphalt, bits of gravel, glittering shards of metal and glass — all littering the side of the road, all coming uncontrollably closer as I fall. *This will hurt.* My frames — body and bike — pound the ...


Our August Your Bicycle Contest Winner – Walter Bass

Congratulation to Walter Bass (see link below), the winner of a $100 BGI Gift in Bicycle Garage Indy's August 2013 Your Bicycle contest.   Walter had the most Likes for his picture and story from the Urban Assault Ride in St. ...