I encountered each of these pictured items on my recent walk along the Monon Trail

But what do they have to do with CrossFit? 

A philosophy behind CrossFit is to use naturally occuring objects in your strengthening routine.  

These items were used to strengthen my:

  • Deltoids
  • Biceps
  • Triceps

Can you match the item with the muscle group?


  • Rock:  Overhead Deltoid Press
  • Bench:  Tricep Dips
  • Long Stick:  Bicep Curls

So on your next walk outside this fall, look around and be creative.  See if you can throw in some strengthening work in the middle of your stroll!

And for the winter months when you prefer to stay indoors, spread some Dumbbells, Xertubes  and Flat Bands around the living room.  When watching TV – every time a commercial comes on, pick one up and lift a set!