Your Bicycle: Biking with Ben by Dwight Kellams

I am the father of Ben, an 18-year old boy with intractable epilepsy and on the autism spectrum. Up until 14 years of age Ben's epilepsy was well managed and although not likely that he could manage a single bike on his own, we tried the ...


Your Bicycle: On your left! by Dale Ratermann

At the recent Amish Land and Lakes bicycle ride in northern Indiana the race was on with this buggy. I am sorry to say that in this particular race, the horse and buggy out ran us. (I believe the horse was a direct descendant of Hoosier racing ...


Get back on your bike with BGI Corporate Wellness

Bicyclists from four Indianapolis area employers enjoyed a ride on the trails in Zionsville Tuesday night, led by Linda Hardcastle of Bicycle Garage Indy.  They are all participating in BGI Corporate Wellness'  Get Back On Your ...


Indy Bike Hub YMCA July Commuter of the Month – Noah Dixon

Noah Dixon is a banker at the National Bank of Indianapolis and has been a member of the Bike Hub YMCA since it opened back in September of 2011. He began riding his bike every day to work since then. Riding his bike has been an ...


Preparing for your first century – your bike.

This article is part of series for novice riders on preparing for their first  100 mile (or 3 hour plus) road events. Anyone can do 100 miles on any bike – once. Ride on any large scale bike event, you may see the least likely looking ...


Your Bicycle: Empty Nest by Crystal

I turned 40 this year, husband is 44. Our youngest daughter left the nest last year. Its such a change and difficult. All our energy and drive has been directed to caring and raising our children. When that is gone it's a feeling of being ...


Your Bicycle: Bike Kiss by Lori Horton

This is a picture taken during our wedding in Gatlinburg, TN on 07/16/13. My husband and I met on a group bike ride with mutual friends. The more we rode together the closer we became. After dating for a little over a year we got married. We ...


Your Bicycle: Eight Great Stories for our August Contest

We had a rush of entries to our August contest over this past weekend – too many to post one at a time.  So here is a digest of the eight latest entries.  From simple fun to the truly inspirational, we hope you enjoy them, and ...


Your Bicycle: Defeating odds by Megan Harrigan

I was determined to do the NITE ride with a group of people. I hadn't rode much leading up to it but my uncle, mother and friend decided to do it with me. (This was) My mother's first organized ride and my uncle – he's working ...


Your Bicycle: No reason not to ride by John Dockery

I added some studded snow tires this year and continued ridding even in the snow. It is great to laugh at your co-workers that could not make it to work in their cars on time. Name: John Dockery Bicycle: Montague X-70 City: Indianapolis State: ...