Phil has been working at the Downtown Y for a little over 3 months now.  Every day Phil cleans both the Indy Bike Hub Y and the Athenaeum Y, and also helps with other maintenance issues.  He also rides his bike to work every single day, rain or shine. 

 Photo by Daniel FunesPhil has been involved with the Y since he was a young boy.  Born and raised in Indianapolis, he learned to swim at the Y when he was just six years old.  He spent a lot of time at the Y along with his eight sisters and two brothers and has continued his membership throughout the years.  He really enjoys the Y because of his memories growing up but also likes how friendly and supportive everyone is. He is proud to now work for the YMCA and says he enjoys coming in to work every day.

Phil has been riding a bike since he was six years old.  He enjoys riding for several reasons.  It’s wonderful exercise, economical and peaceful.  One of his favorite past times is riding his bike through different Indianapolis parks and just taking in all of the scenery.  Not only does Phil ride through parks, he literally rides his bike everywhere and does not own a car.  One of his other favorite past times is fishing at Pine Lake on the Southside.  He has several different ways of cooking the fish he catches and enjoys preparing it for others. 
Phil encourages everyone to ride their bike. 
He believes it is not only healthy but great for the soul.


Laura E Walters
Member Involvement Specialist
The Downtown YMCA
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