Bicycle Indiana*, in partnership with the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, has launched a new program to help educate motor vehicle drivers on sharing the roadways with all users. Drivers in the Know exists to ensure that Indiana drivers know the laws pertaining to all roadway users including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and emergency vehicles.

This program is designed to help today's drivers understand that driving on the roads today "aren't our grandfather's roads". The common roads we are accustomed to driving are now also inhabited by a variety of users including pedestrians, bicycles, buses, or even golf carts. Along with all this blend of roadway users comes new signage and laws. In the midst of all this change, Bicycle Indiana would like to know, are you a driver in the know? To test your knowledge, visit  

If you are interested in learning how your employer and/or community can participate in this program – contact Bicycle Indiana for an employer/community toolkit. For more information:

*Bicycle Indiana is Indiana's only statewide organization dedicated to promoting bicycle use, educating all roadway users, and advocating for bicyclists.