We have emailed our Labor Day Sale close-out bicycle list!

Yes, we have emailed out the final information on the the Bicycle Garage Indy Labor Day Sale, including our online bicycle close-out  list.   Bicycle Garage Indy has listed almost 750,  2013  (or earlier) model years ...


Bicycle Indana News: Statewide Bicycle Suitability Map – Help Needed!

How would you like to see an Indiana map with road suitability designated for bicyclists? Bicycle Indiana* is currently working to make it a reality. However – we need some county data from our cycling friends to finalize the project. ...


Indy Bike Hub YMCA August Commuter of the Month – Phil Taylor

Phil has been working at the Downtown Y for a little over 3 months now.  Every day Phil cleans both the Indy Bike Hub Y and the Athenaeum Y, and also helps with other maintenance issues.  He also rides his bike to work every single ...


Your Bicycle: My First Tri Season by Genevieve Johnson

I started off this year with a challenge to myself: Four Sprint Triathlons by the end of the season. I bought a cheaper used road bike off of Craigslist and started training. I planned to buy a newer, nicer bike if the triathlon thing stuck. Six ...


Your Bicycle: Chicago Late Nite Ride by Tracy A. Smith

I had just finished my first Chicago L.A.T.E. Ride and it was great. At the end of the ride we came down Lake Shore Dr. as the sun was starting to come up. Would have been nice if my wife would have there with me and not my buddy. LOL! This ...


Your Bicycle: Dog Days of summer by Sarah Hines

We love to take our dog to the bark park but it's too far for him to walk to…….we found a great solution in this dog cart for the bike, we can pull him up there & then he can play to his heart's content & relax on the ...


Your Bicycle: Critters at Town Run by Shawn Zehnder

My brother and I were doing some Mountain Biking over at Town Run Trail Park. We stopped off for a break under the bridge and found this critter sneaking up on our bikes. My brother moved the snake out of harms way closer to the river. Name: ...


Your Bicycle: I found a great new hobby! by Jason Bilsland

I have been searching for a fun way to get in better shape. Running had taken toll on my knees so my doctor recommended biking. In addition to this advice, a couple of my friends had been trying to get me to ride as well. Once took the plunge, I ...


Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness Newsletter for August 23

If you have not signed up for the Bicycle Garage Indy email newsletter, here some useful items from the latest edition: Here some of the useful items from the latest edition: Labor Day Weekend Clearance Sale at BGI Indy Greenways Master ...


Bicycle Indiana News: Are you a driver in the know?

Bicycle Indiana*, in partnership with the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, has launched a new program to help educate motor vehicle drivers on sharing the roadways with all users. Drivers in the Know exists to ensure that Indiana drivers know ...