Bicycle Garage Indy Commuters hit 150,000 miles!!

Bicycle Garage Indy started tracking bicycle commuting miles in March 2008. We reached a Major Milestone: Since March 2008, we have collectively bike commuted over 150,000 miles!!

Note: The actual miles may be higher than reported since we only allow employees to count the # of miles they would have driven. Some ride farther than their replaced car trip, but those miles are not reflected in our numbers. 

Bicycle Garage Indy provides $0.15/mile paid monthly in BGI Gift Cards to employees who bike to work. Since we have started tracking, BGI Bicycle Commuters have accumulated an impressive number of miles and green savings. 

As the Pedals Turn – 2nd Qtr 2013

Life on Cadence Drive grew quite active in the 2nd quarter of 2013. April started off a bit slow with the wet and cold weather, but May and June took off with record number of miles and riders.

Nine new folks joined the neighborhood: Mike Barr, Emma Caughlin, Mitch Huffman, Chris Kellar, Marie Locke, David McInturff, Forrest Powell, Hunter Reams and Nick Ryan. And after a long absence, Josh Prater returned.

We reached a Major Milestone: Since March 2008, we have collectively bike commuted over 150,000 miles!!

Green Savings (Amt Saved TOTAL since 3/08)
Carbon Dioxide    120,711 pounds
Carbon Monoxide    3,319,558 grams
Hydrocarbons    437,578 grams
Nitrogen Oxide  226,334 grams
Gasoline    6036 gallons

April Highlights
328 trips, 1982 miles, 19 riders

  • April had a 3-way tie for highest number of trips: Jon Persinger, Rob Cline and Sean Hawk sharing that honor with 44 trips each.
  • Jon Persinger also topped the mileage for April with 660 miles.
  • Newcomer Forrest Powell launched onto Top 5 list in April with 111 miles.
  • Rob Cline retained his lead with most trips for the year in April.
  • Jon Persinger rode into first placed for total miles by end of April.

May Highlights
683 trips, 5709 miles, 33 riders

  • BGI Staff on Bike to Work Day 2013In honor of National Bike Month, we double the incentive from $0.15/mile to $0.30/mile. May saw a record number of people commuting (33). Double incentives may have had something to do with that.
  • Collectively, everyone rode 5709 miles in May  – highest ever in one month!!
  • At the top of the Top 5 list for trips are hub staffers Jamey McPherson and Sean Hawk.
  • Newcomer Mike Barr rode 641 miles to lead the Top 5 list for miles and that was enough to launch him into Top 5 list in miles for the year.
  • Jon Persinger continued his impressive lead with 3249 miles for the year at the end of May.
  • Rob Cline continued to stay on top of Top 5 for # of trips for the year. 
  • New to the Top 5 lists: Elizabeth Sparrow, with 38 trips, Chris Kellar with 486 miles and Jeremy Block with 300 miles.

Photo is of some Bicycle Garage Indy staff at Indianapolis Bike to Work Day celebration in May 2013.

June Highlights

582 trips, 4443 miles, 33 riders

  • Even though the incentives went back to normal, the riding continued. There were still 33 riders in June, who accumulated 4443 miles on 582 trips.
  • Rob Cline continued his lead in # of trips, but not far behind are Jon Persinger, Jamey McPherson and it is not out of reach for Sean Hawk and Abby Nicks between now and the end of the year.
  • Mileage for the year is another story. Jon Persinger appears to have an impressive lead over everyone with 4089 miles so far in 2013.
  • Top 5 for trips in June was lead by Jon Persinger (56), with Mike Barr (43) making the list for the first time.
  • Jon Persinger also led in miles for June (840) with Chris Kellar (486) and Abby Nicks (480) in a virtual tie for 2nd. Toby Holsman made it into the Top 5 in June with 238 miles.

January – June 2013  2348 trips / 17,928 miles / 40 different riders

What will the rest of the year hold? Is Jon Persinger’s mileage lead insurmountable? Will Rob Cline continue to lead # of trips or will others pass him by? Will the newcomers continue to reach new goals and Top 5 lists? How many will reach 1000 miles by December 31?

For answers, stay tuned for next episode of “As the Pedals Turn” 

Keep bicycling!

Connie Szabo Schmucker, Advocacy Director

Bicycle Garage Indy / BGI Fitness 

Indianapolis, IN