I love to do my errands on my commuter bicycle. So the other day I put a long list together of all of the things I wanted to get done on the bike that day. Bike errand commuting requires a planning session before a big trip. I had a long list of places to go. I had things to return, things to buy, library books to take back and things to pick up at the post office as well as needing a few groceries. After putting that list together I had to think about the order I would do the errands so that I wouldn't run out of room on the bike and so my groceries wouldn't get hot since I needed both milk and butter. You also have to plan for the order of where you will go by distance and milage. I usually start by going to the place that is farthest from home and working my way back. Finally I set off and got 8 miles down the road to Staples when I realized I forgot to bring my lock. I headed across the street to Meijer and pulled right in to the garden center. I asked if I could leave the bike there while I ran in to buy a lock. Luckily the cashier said I could and I booked it to the bike section and found a lock and ran back out to the garden center to check out. Luckily the bike was still there and I learned a very important lesson. When you sit down to plan a long day full of errands on the bike make sure you have a lock with you.

Name: Kristen Dinges
Bicycle: TransIt Rosemary
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana

Kristen:  What a great story and reminder on trip planning. Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story.


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