My wife and I went down to Lexington with our tandem to ride the Bluegrass Cycling Club Horsey Hundred last weekend. We have been working really hard on our yard and I have also been very busy with work and due to those things We had not been on the bike for 2 weeks and I had been sick for a few days before the ride as well. I learned during those hundred miles in the hills of Kentucky that when you start off at about 60% you end up at about -40%. Everything went alright for the first 50, I ate wel and drank a lot but we were both hungry at 50 miles but the SAG was out of food. The next stop at 75 was also out of food. We didn't get protein or salt until 87 miles into the ride. We managed to eek out the century but just barely. The final 30 miles of the ride seemed like 75. We were both so exhausted that we chose not to ride on Sunday. And I learned to bring a lot more food just in case the ride runs out of food. This should not be an issue on a pay ride but better to be safe than sorry like we were in Kentucky.

Name: Nathan Dinges
Bicycle: KHS Cross Tandem
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana

Nathan:  Good lesson to always have snacks on the bike, just in case.  Still very impressive to finish a century under the circumstances. Thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing Your Bicycle picture and story.



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