I have been bicycling for over 30 years now, but always on a more traditional road-style bicycle. The goal was usually to cover a large distance in a short time. But earlier this year I participated in a Downtown History Tour by bicycle,  presented by Nathan Smurdon of ActiveIndy Tours.

We were all provided an extremely upright, comfy bicycle from Bicycle Garage Indy's rental bikes. What fun this was!! The upright posture allowed us to drink up the downtown sights without crashing into each other. Never having tried such an, upright,  comfy bike before, I was hooked! So this summer I have a Giant Cypress for my leisurely "toddles" on the trails around Indy. I will continue to use my road bike for faster rides out in the countryside.

Name: Linda Hardcastle
Bicycle: Giant Cypress
City: Carmel
State: IN


Linda is the Exercise Physiologist for BGI Fitness and Bicycle Garage Indy, providing both Personal Training in the use of fitness equipment purchased from BGI Fitness, and an instructor for BGI's Get Back on Your Bike Corporate Wellness programs.





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