Your Bicycle: Bonking Hard In Kentucky by Nathan Dinges

My wife and I went down to Lexington with our tandem to ride the Bluegrass Cycling Club Horsey Hundred last weekend. We have been working really hard on our yard and I have also been very busy with work and due to those things We had not been on ...


Your Bicycle: Don’t Forget Your Bike Lock by Kristen Dinges

  I love to do my errands on my commuter bicycle. So the other day I put a long list together of all of the things I wanted to get done on the bike that day. Bike errand commuting requires a planning session before a big trip. I had a long ...


Your Bicycle: It’s a family affair! by Whitney Pratt

Since moving closer to downtown, we've made the most of our proximity to school, work, and play. We are on our bikes almost every day giving the Indianapolis Cultural Trail a work-out. Our kids Jocelyn (4) and Connor (2) love being on the ...


Your Bicycle: Bikepacking by Matt Eickstead

2 nights on the Nebo Ridge and Hickory Ridge trails (in Brown County State Park). Fully self supported. Name: Matt Eickstead Bicycle: Salsa El Mariachi City: Indianapolis State: IN   Matt:  Sounds like you had fun and quite a workout. ...


Your Bicycle: Zoo-De-Mack by Kathy Zach

Here I am half through the 50 mile bike ride at this year's Zoo-De-Mack 2013 (in northern Michigan). Cold & Wet but still smiling! Name: Kathy Zach Bicycle: Giant Escape City: Frankton State: IN    


Your Bicycle: Zoo De Mac Finish by Jay Zach

Here I am at the finish line of the cold, wet, hilly, 50 mile 2013 Zoo-de-Mac (Mackinac) in northern Michigan.  This was the first time I’ve ever rode over 15 miles at one time, and the first time I’ve ever done hills of any ...


Your Bicycle: Loving My Bike and I do Ride like a girl by Penny Lloyd

I've started biking 8 years ago. I have to say that when I'm on my bike I feel like that little girl way back when. It really does bring out the kid in me. When your on your bike you see so much more that you would have missed if ...


Your Bicycle: slightly obsessed by Bryan Tanner

I may be slightly obsessed with bikes. if I could talk her (my wife) out of parking her car in there I could probably add a few more to my collection.   Giant Nutra, east end turn around Pensey Trail, Greenfield, IN.     Reworked ...


Your Bicycle: Tootling on an Upright, Comfy Bike by Linda Hardcastle

I have been bicycling for over 30 years now, but always on a more traditional road-style bicycle. The goal was usually to cover a large distance in a short time. But earlier this year I participated in a Downtown History Tour by bicycle, ...


Your Bicycle: NC Mountains for the Love of the Bike by Doreen Crenshaw

Last week, a cycling pal of mine flew in from British Columbia and we drove to Saluda, North Carolina for five days of biking in the mountains. We rode over 300 miles and climbed over 20,000' while sharing lots of laughs, good food and good ...