It goes without saying, Connie Szabo Schmucker, Bicycle Garage Indy's Advocacy Director, is an avid cyclist.  Along with her husband, Randy Schmucker, they help lead and promote the very popular Grand Touring Ride series for the Central Indiana Bicycling Association.  Along with their own bikes, they are frequently seen out on their tandem.  Leading rides all over Indiana (and the Midwest) they have developed strong preferences in tires, and their favorite is the Continental's Ultra Gator Skin (or GatorSkin).:

These tires last 2x as long as any other tire I've used and are very impervious to flats. We rarely get flats. Since we ride our tandem ~2000 miles a year, this tire usually gets us through the riding season for the rear tire and through 2 years for the front tire barring any punctures.

Mileage my husband and I generally get before needing to replace the tire from wear on this tire: 5000 miles on rear, 10,000 miles on front on single bikes vs. 2500 rear/ 5000 front with other tires 2000 miles on rear, 5000 miles on front on tandem vs. 1000 rear / 2500 front with other tires.

(How do we know this? My husband has a maintenance log for all of our bikes and tracks how long the tires last and when we need to think about replacing them.)

Bicycle Garage Indy carries a complete selection of Continental bicycle tires, along with tires from Kenda, Bontrager, Michelin, Mavic and Serfas.


Jay S. Hardcastle, BGI Marketing Manager