Jeremy Blocke, Sale Floor Lead at BGI North, is really pleased with his new Burley D'Lite trailer. 

I am excited about the newest model (2013) of the Burley D'Lite trailer.  The suspension is much better them in previous years.  This baby used to have rubber bumpers for a suspension, and now has metal springs that are adjustable depending on whether you are caring 1 child or 2.  I can now slowly go off a curb without having to get off the bike and my 2-year old doesn't feel like I have just pushed the ejector button.

Bicycle Garage Indy carries a complete selection of Burley Trailers and accessories.  And you if you are visiting downtown Indianapolis, you can rent a Burley D'Lite from at Bicycle Garage Indy downtown, located inside the Indy Bike Hub YMCA.