Big News for future of bicycling in Indianapolis!

From Indiana Complete Streets Campaign:

BIG NEWS! The National Complete Streets Coalition is recognizing Indianapolis's Complete Streets Ordinance as the #1 Complete Streets Policy of 2012, and the top piece of City Legislation ever adopted nationally!! We are so proud of the City of Indianapolis and everyone who helped make its Complete Streets policy a reality. Congratulations!!

To see the full report:(with Indianapolis on the cover)


From Inside Indiana with Gerry Dick:


Indianapolis Tops Complete Streets Policy List

The National Complete Streets Coalition has listed Indianapolis at the top of a list for the best policies of 2012. Coalition Deputy Director Stefanie Seskin says the city can serve as an example to other communities of what a streets access policy should look like. The Indianapolis ordinance was passed last August unanimously by the City-County Council and signed by Mayor Ballard. The policy applies to all construction and reconstruction.

For full article, click on this link: www.insideindianabusiness.com/newsitem.asp?id=58810

Some background:

In August 2012, the Indianapolis City-County Council unanimously pssed Indianapolis' Complete Streets Ordinance and it was signed by Mayor Ballard. 

Why is that so important?  In the realm of transportation and infrastructure planning and design, policies generally don't support planning for bicycles, pedestrians and mass transit on equal terms as other road users. So unless there was a specific special effort to get a bike lane or a sidewalk added as part of a road design, it generally wasn't done. What a Complete Streets Policy does is turn that around. Wth a Complete Street Policy,  it is now a normal part of the planning and design process to look at the needs of all road users and there needs to be a reason to not include their needs in the design. Once the policy is in place, the work is not done – it is just beginning. Now comes the hard work of making sure that steps are in place to ensure the policy is implemented. 

So it is exciting that Indianapolis not only passed a Complete Streets Policy with bi-partisan support, but that is is now getting national recognition as being the best Complete Streets Policy in the country!

 It's all a team effort. While there are many people who deserve credit for this including the Indianapolis City-County Council and Indianapolis Mayor Ballard, the Indiana Complete Streets Coalition and Health by Design deserve a bulk of the credit for spearheading this effort. Congratulations to all involved!


Connie Szabo Schmucker

Advocacy Director

Bicycle Garage Indy