Employee Yoga Class at BGI NorthBicycle Garage Indy began offering onsite yoga classes for our employees early this year.  As I headed to our first class, I wondered how necessary yoga would be to our employees?  Many are young and healthy – and most are enthusiastic cyclists.   So I assumed I would be surrounded by supple, flexible individuals.  And although some folks had tremendous flexibility, the majority of us (myself included) had a long way to go towards a desirable range-of-motion. 

Because cycling is such a gentle sport on the joints, injuries are minimal.  Therefore, cyclists are rarely forced to consider and examine their own flexibility.  But years of cycling will, over time, begin to shorten the muscles of the leg, hip and lower back.  If we don’t counteract this muscle shortening with a stretching program, then our range-of-motion will be seriously curtailed.  As I looked around at my fellow yoga participants, this muscle tightness was clearly obvious. 

After just 4 sessions of yoga over a one-month period, many of us began to see and feel a difference.  Unattainable positions were now do-able.  Moves that we could at first hold for just seconds were now maintained for 30 seconds or longer.  Freedom of movement was noticed in our daily routines.  And for those of us plagued with back problems – the discomfort was noticeably less.  We have acutely noticed the two-week break from yoga, and are eagerly anticipating its return next week. 

Flexibility is just as important as strength when cross training for cyclingSo in answer to my original question, “Do cyclists need yoga?” – the answer is a resounding YES!  So get yourself a good yoga mat and head out to a yoga class.  If your schedule precludes you from joining a group, then train at home.  BGI offers a selction of Yoga DVD’s guide you through a safe yoga experience at home OR pick up one of our Pilates kits, which include a mat as well as a Pilates DVD. (Pilates, like yoga, gently stretches the body using controlled movements and a stretch band).  Bicycle Garage Indy and BGI Fitness offers a number of yoga accessories, including clothing.


When you visit Bicycle Garage Indy, BGI Fitness is the same store. Bicycle Garage Indy-North (Dean Rd at East 82nd Street) and Bicycle Garage Indy-South (just seconds west of I-65 on County Line Road).