Sore or injured muscles used to mandate a visit to a physical therapist.  However,  the advent of  SPRI Foam Rollers and SPRI Tiger Tail Sticks now allow us to do much of our own self-massage.  I have used these for years and will continue to use these on a regular basis.  But sometimes these products do not allow me to really “dig into” a hot spot, or access a smaller area, such as the Achilles tendon.  BGI Fitness is pleased to announce that we now have a tool which can do just that – the Therawheel.

Trigger point self massage with the TherawheelThe Therawheel ($59.99 at BGI)  has more weight than foam rollers or sticks.  This extra weight is what seems to push it deeper into those problem areas.  You actually roll a wheel up and down the affected muscle group – resulting in a deep tissue massage.  This wheel has both a narrow and wide side – thus allowing it to conform better to the area being worked.  The narrow aspect is also what also allows you to get into that smaller Achilles tendon area – an area that traditional foam rollers and sticks cannot reach. 

If you are familiar with the concept of trigger points, you understand that a therapist will push hard into one of these hot spots.  The initial result for the patient is great discomfort.  However, as the therapist continues to push, the muscle will eventually give into this pressure and physically relax.  The Therawheel comes with a rounded edge which allows you to perform this trigger point therapy on yourself. 

Best of all, the Therawheel website offers video clip demonstrations of its use for a variety of common injuries.  You can be sure that you are using it correctly in order to optimize your rehab and recovery. 

In summary, I continue to use my foam rollers and sticks for self-massage, particularly of my larger muscle groups.  But from there I progress down to my Therawheel, massaging even deeper and/or digging into those painful hot spots.   I particularly feel good about this product, as it was locally developed by Certified Athletic Trainer, Tom Jennings. 

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