Just one of our Wellness Program stories: your company offer some form of an Employee Wellness Program?  If it is like most, the incentive program for physical activity is probably centered on walking or running.  But what about those of you who like to bicycle?  Wouldn’t you like to be “rewarded” for your efforts towards good health with your bicycle?  Well now you can be!

Bicycle Garage Indy is spearheading a most unique Employee Wellness Program because it centers on bicycling.  Not only does our program “reward” employees for their miles on the bike – it also rewards folks as they learn more about bicycling and fitness. 

The exciting news is that this Employee Wellness Program is so successful that we are unveiling two additional options for 2013.  Now we have a program to match the interests of all the bicycling enthusiasts at your company.  

  • Get Back on Your Bike.  Returning for the fourth year, this program is geared to those folks who are literally “getting back on their bikes”. The mileage is gentle and the focus is on comfort and safety.  Riders are encouraged to explore many of the paved trails in and around the metro area. 
  • Sport Road Bike.  Many of our “Get Back on Your Bike” participants have discovered that they love to bicycle – and they want more!  More miles, more speed and more adventures.  Thus our new Sport Road Bike program.  We will guide your employees through this process of increasing their mileage and transitioning to the roads.  Upon completion, they will be ready to tackle one of the premier bike events of up to 50 miles in one day!
  • Mountain Bike Basics.  For those employees who prefer mountain biking through the woods – then this is the option for them!  The focus here is not on increasing mileage – rather, it is on increasing skills.  Each week we first practice important skills in the parking lot – then hit the trail to practice.  Over the four weeks we will be going to ever more challenging wooded trails to practice our ever more expanding skill set.

If you would like to learn more about bringing one or all of these programs to your company, follow this link, or contact our Wellness Director, Carl Bruhn, at  

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